Female human wizard


Human female wizard. Short, small, red headed and strong tempered. Wears green travel robes, stained but rarely dirty. Carries both a wand and a staff and has a familiar, a small book imp that follows her about. Seems to be motivated by desire for money and a tendency to like setting things on fire.


If you ask me about my background, I’ll probably hem and haw and then come out with a story about begging apprenticeship to a local wizard, then after suffering years of boredom, finally stealing my master’s spellbook while he was drunk and running away looking for an adventure.

Actually, though, that’s a lie. My father arranged for my apprenticeship to a notable spell-weaver in Pendcastle, just as he set up my brothers as squires. We are a prosperous family, slightly noble and moderately rich, and Father prided himself on seeing his children set up well. I learned everything my master had to teach me and then Father expected me to start attending jousts and such as befit a young lady of my station. I, however, had different ideas. Why had I spent years learning spells if not to use them? Why were my brothers the only ones permitted to wander the countryside and do great deeds? Yes, a woman traveling along has more to fear than a man, but how many risks does someone who can bend the elements to her will and call down fire really face?

So I left. I don’t use my family name. Be leaving my father’s house the way I did I have forfeited that claim, but I can’t give up my abilities or my raising as easily. Yes, sometimes I find the hardships of travel annoying. At least my magic can ease my journey some. I travel with companions when I can; my magic is not always as useful in the wilds as in combat. Perhaps I will return home someday, when my deeds have become legends. For now, I’m happy as I am…


Arekhan KJulicher