Sometimes called doppelgangers, changelings, or simply shifters, these fey creatures can assume the appearance and voice of nearly any humanoid. Feared and mistrusted by most other races, no one knows how many there are, or even if someone they just met might be one of them. Shapeshifters are, by temperment and necessity, masters of deception.

When changing forms, their former features seem to melt into the new visage. In their natural form, shapeshifters look like thin, hairless humans, covered in a smooth layer of wet, gray clay. They revert to natural form when dying.

Players choosing to play a shapeshifter may use either the doppelganger from the back of the Monster Manual 1, or the Changeling from the Eberron Player’s Guide. In Arekhan, the “shifter” race from Player’s Handbook 2 is called beast kin instead.

Shapeshifters often wear Imposter’s Armor to complete their disguise, though they can make any sort of advanced magical cloth armor (Githweave, Mindweave, Fayweave, Efreetweave, Mindpatterned, Starweave) change appearance with them when they change shape.

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