People of Arek

There are many kinds of beings in the realms. The legends say that all living things originated as embryos growing as fruit upon the Tree of Life that grew from the navel of the slain god Arek, after his corpse was used to form the World. The gods plucked these fruits and fashioned them into peoples and creatures according to their whims or designs.

Some scientifically-minded or culturally-sensitive gamers prefer to call these species, as race is a term used to describe variations of humans. However, species by definition cannot interbreed, which is something that fantasy races certainly do. So, while elves, dwarves, and others are not human, they are counted here as races of people. Biology in Arek follows a reality of magic, not science, so genetics and evolution don’t shape the races, but ancient affinities and divine curses certainly do

Last updated 2009.06.27


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