The Kingdom of Pentir

The royal crest is a stag (hart) head on a dark blue and gold checkered background


Lying at the northwest end of Azural Bay, the kingdom’s fertile valleys and rolling hills are nestled between the Iron Mountains to the southwest, and the Dwarven kingdom of Durinhall to the north. The western borderlands reach through goblin-infested wilderness to the Shadowood. The new capital, Pendcastle, occupies an island on a small lake in the heart of the country, at the headwaters of the Aquilon river, which runs to the large and bustling city of Kalisar, on the shore of Azural bay.


The population is a mix of Aldric and Westerneese humans. Some wood elves (and the occasional half-elf) can be found in the west. There are small, scattered populations of halflings in the northern hill country and in urban ghettos. Lowland dwarves, especially their powerful banking & merchant houses, have a presence in Pentir’s larger towns, and along the Gold river in the north; while highland dwarves make their homes in the Iron Mts. Goblin-folk and trolls of every description roam the untamed lands to the west, and some of their bastard offspring can be found in the villages there.


Pentir is one of the splinter kingdoms that arose after the fall of the Western Empire during the War of the Rifts. It is regarded as a bit of an upstart by more established kingdoms closer to the old imperial core, but its fortunes have been on the rise, and is a military & economic power to rival any in western Arekhan.

King Stevan I and his Royal Rangers of Pentir fought many a hard battle against the trolls and their allies to settle western lands. He had several clashes with Rendarn and the Freelands, as well. He established a palatial fortress at Pendcastle, and moved the archbishop to a new grand cathedral there. Stevan founded the knightly Order of the Hart as his personal guard and retinue in battle.

War with Rendarn finally came under King Stevan II, over control of the Red river, and mutual retribution for many skirmishes from both sides. Stevan II formed an alliance with Durinhall and slew the king of Ridel during a fierce battle. Peace only came when the new king of Ridel agreed to a settlement, and took Stevan’s young daughter as his queen. The war drained many knights and resources from the borderlands, where a resurgent goblin horde now ravages the countryside.

While it benefits from trade with the dwarves of Duranhall and with the kingdoms of the inner seas, Pentir’s economy is overwhelmingly agricultural. Fecund soil & a mild climate provide subjects with bountiful harvests. Feudal lords preside over their manors and villages. The port of Kalisar accommodates a small but effective merchant fleet and navy.


Pentir has a fairly standard feudal culture for Arekhan. A magnificent tournament is held every midsummer in Pendcastle, with jousting & contests for the most skilled knights of the realm, and feasting & diversions for all.

Elements of Westernese-style worship of primal spirits mixes with the dominant Aldric god-worship in popular religion. While the Church holds sway throughout the kingdom, especially in the cities and around the Pendcastle, many villages are served only by independent temples and the occasional wandering friar.

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