The Kingdom of Mytros


Mytros occupies the rocky north coast of the Inner sea. The Crystalspires and Iron Mountains form it’s northern border, with the Flint Road providing the only passable route from Hest to the inner seas. Much of the shoreline is cliffs, and a good deal of the country is rough and inhospitable terrain. The sea yields an ample supply of fish, and flocks of sheep & goats graze many a hillside. A multitude of hidden coves provide shelter for an assortment of smugglers & pirates. The principal city of Alambar sits on an outcropping at the mouth of Azural bay.


Mytros is home to hardy fishing folk and herdsmen of primarily Aldric human stock. Settlements of dwarves and giant -kin (goliaths) are not uncommon. The orcs and other mountain-trolls infest the mountains above and below, along with giants and other dangerous denizens. A small population of gnomes can be found here as well.


Sea power is the basis for Mytros’ strength and influence. Though it maintains a friendly and lucrative trading partnership with Hest, alliances with the nations of the inner seas are temporary and shifting, amounting to little more than ransom against piracy, or letters of marquee to raid a rival. Mytros is often the target of reprisal attacks from the navies other seafaring kingdoms and merchant guilds.

The nobles of mytros are an independent and unruly lot, often corsairs or rustlers in their own right. The King spends most of his political energies keeping them from getting too far out of hand, and extracting taxes. He must be ruthless and cunning, but also generous with favors to bend them to his will. There are frequent power grabs between nobles and for the crown itself. The current monarch has reigned for 3 years since deposing the old king (now in exile) by buying off allies, and a series of well-coordinated naval strikes.


The people of Mytros are tough and independent. Raiding, smuggling, and piracy are time-honored ways to supplement fishing, herding, farming, or honest shipping. There are many places to hide, and formal authority doesn’t extend far beyond each scattered settlement. Disputes tend to be settled man to man, rather than appealing to the laws of nobles.

Melora is the patron deity of Mytros. Her cult and sea-temples can be found in nearly every settlement; sometimes under the auspices of The Church, sometimes not.

Mytros is also known for its strong ale and gemstones.


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