singular: Human / adjective: human


You should be familiar enough with humans, dear reader. Compared to other races, humans are quite adaptable, and have a great talent for building communities & institutions. Therein lies their strength. Humans of Arekhan exhibit much the same diversity of appearance and personality as those of our world do.


Even with the mighty human Empire in ruins, humans remain the dominant race throughout most of the realms. They can be grouped into 5 general ethnicities, each with its own language and associated background skills (see chapt. 3 of the PHB2).


Humans of the old imperial heartland and lands around the Inner Sea resemble the people of the Mediterranean and Southwest Asia, with dark hair and olive skin. They are city builders and traders, of an ancient civilized tradition. Most follow the Aldric Church. Theirs was the language of the Empire, and has been adopted as a common tongue for diplomacy and trade between peoples. Since the fall of the Empire, they have become fragmented into many nations.
Background Skills: streetwise, religion


The Westernese inhabit the West coastal regions, and the harsh lands north of the Gold River. They resemble the Germanic and Celtic people of Northern Europe, with fair skin, blond or red hair, and blue or green eyes. Westernese cultures are less centralized or technologically developed, and they are fiercely independent. Their religion includes more elements of shamanism and spirit-worship.
Background Skills: nature, heal


The Nomads have few settled communities, instead they ride across the steppes, prairie, and desert of North and central Arekhan. They resemble a mix of Mongol, Turkic, Bedouin and native American plains Indian, with a similar diversity of culture.
Background Skills: endurance, perception


The Easternese most resemble the peoples of East Asia. Their society stayed more intact after the War of the Rift than other regions. In particular, the Empire of the Dragon Throne took up the mantle of the Eastern Empire. While they acknowledge the same gods as the Western Empire (sometimes in different forms), they also developed an introspective spiritual tradition.
Background Skills: insight, streetwise


The Southernese resemble the dominant people of Africa, with dark skin and curly hair. Like the Westernese, theirs is a less technologically or politically developed society, and leans toward shamanistic religious practices. It is rumored that deep in the heart of Southernese territory is an ancient hidden kingdom of powerful magic and strange gods.

Background Skills: nature, athletics

Relations with Other Races

The expansion of human civilization has pushed other races out to the margins. Humans trade extensively with the lowland dwarves, whom they regard as skillful and industrious, but greedy.

Many halflings live in communities close to human settlements, and are found in most human cities. Humans tend to treat them as child-like.

The elvenkind races are considered mysterious and wondrous by most humans, who rarely see them.

Dragonborn are highly regarded in the imperial lands of the East, though strange and frightning in the West.

Goblins, trolls, giants, and their ilk are considered evil monsters by most humans, and killing them on sight is seen as heroic.

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