History of Arekhan

What follows is a concise account of the fictional history of the realms.

Origins and The First Age

At first, there was only Chaos, a formless void. From the Chaos was born The Dreamer, Arek. The Dreamer dreamt of light and darkness, past and present, of love, hate, and neglect, and of creatures great and small. His dreams grew in reality until they became deities and spirits.

The gods were happy at first, exploring and organizing their newfound reality. But they became discontent, seeing that they were only the creation and tools of The Dreamer. They desired absolute freedom and power for themselves. So, they conceived a plan and slew The Dreamer as he slept.

From his flesh, they formed the earth. From his breath, they made the air. From his blood, they formed the seas and rivers. From his vital force, they made fire, some of which they gathered onto a flying chariot to illuminate their new creation. From his heart grew the Tree of Life, from which the gods plucked the plants an animals to populate the world.

But there were other things – entities from the primordial Chaos – that sought to interfere with the gods and their work. The body of Arek, now the World, was set up as a barrier between the astral realm of the gods above, and the Chaos below.

The Second Age

As gods fought the elemental titans, the elves (the favored people of the gods) formed a great civilization, stretching throughout the world, learning from and living in harmony with it. But some elves opened up the barriers to the Abyss and brought death and corruption into the world. The corrupted elves became goblins, members of other races became corrupted and became other monsters. Great spirits from the Chaos (or some say, from the Dead Dreamer-God’s nightmares) inhabited the elements of Creation and became the dragons. Dragons and their Goblin allies made war on the elves and their allies.

The hordes and their diabolical leader tried to climb the Tree of Life to reach the heavens and make war directly on the gods. Fearing for their safety, the gods struck down the tree, severing the link between the heavens and the world. They made new dragons from the noble metals, and sent them down to the world to aid the elves and other races in their struggle.

The Third Age

Giants conquered most of the elven and goblin kingdoms, which were weakened from fighting. Many elves escaped into the Feywild. The giants sealed up the dragons and the portals to other realms. They enslaved the dwarves and many humans, and drove others into the wilderness.

Giants stole the secrets of metal forging from the gods and learned to bind the primal spirits. They worshiped the Titans.

The Fourth Age

Humans band together and overthrow the giants with help from other races. They establish a great empire, with many great works and institutions. Eventually, politics and the difficulty of maintaining unity result in the division of the empire into three administrative regions: Eastern, Western, and Southern. Different traditions and cultures arose in each region. Meanwhile, they strove against barbarians, nonhumans, and sometimes against each other.

The War of the Rifts and the Fifth Age

The war unleashed creatures from the Feywild, the Shadowfell, and even the Far Realm, through the Abyss. The heart of the Empire was reduced to smoking wasteland and desert. The eladrin return, and the tieflings appear. The rifts were closed and the war ended through a great heroic effort and cooperation of the core races.

But soon the factions split. Separate (sometimes warring) kingdoms replaced the Western Empire, besieged by barbarian raiders. The Eastern Empire reformed itself as the Empire of the Dragon, under the leadership of an ancient gold wyrm and his dragonborn followers. Most of the Southern Empire was reclaimed by barbarian tribes and jungle, with only a small, hidden fragment holding on.

Current adventures start just over a century after the closing of the rifts.


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