Grayhollow lays on the Western borderlands of Pentir, far from important trade roads and near the foothills of the Iron Mountains and Skullcraig. It is a small town, protected by a stone keep on the hillside. By the time our hearty adventurers arrive, the one-room inn and even the market square are choked with refugees fleeing the destruction of their homes, and the ravages of human & goblin raiders. The Cleric Emesha and her order, the sisterhood of the Benevolent Sun, run a simple temple in Grayhollow. They strive to care for the refugees, but local supplies have become overburdened. Meanwhile, Lord Galan fortifies his keep and hoards provisions, hunkering down while his subjects suffer. The town’s former champion, the Paladin Jaryn, was previously able to stem the tide of evil from Grayhollow and the surrounding villages, but he has been missing for months.

Here is where the Adventurers came to fight back the hordes of goblins that have been attacking civilized lands. They took on the quest to find Jaryn and stop the Hand of Naarash.

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