The Freelands are a strip of land on the western shore of Azural bay. The land is bounded by Pentir on the north and Mytros on the south, with the Iron Mountains rising up to the west. It has 2 principal cities, Freeport and Quagan, both seaports on Azural bay. Fast-flowing rivers tumble from the mountains to the bay, hosting several canals dug for irrigation and navigation. The countryside is generally hilly, except on the shore itself, and boasts ample farming, fishing, livestock, and mineral wealth.


The people of the Freelands exhibit a greater diversity than most lands. The majority are Aldric humans, with sizeable numbers of Westernese humans, and Dwarves of both the highland (mainly in the mountains) and lowland (mostly in the cities & towns) varieties. One can find halfling communities, some sea elves, and an unusual number of refugees and cast-offs from other races and places.


The Freelands are not united in any political sense, except in their opposition to foreign rule, or any home-grown overlord. They have never been ruled by a king since the breakup of the Western Empire. Formidable city walls, and a plethora of noted mercenary companies & privateers helps ensure its independence, but it is the rivalry of outside kingdoms amongst themselves that keep any one of them from claiming this prize.

The cities, towns, and villages of the Freelands employ a variety of political structures. In Quagan, a council of the most influential guilds maintains law & order. Freeport and many other communities have a republic of some sort, often limited to some degree, and varying in specific form from place to place. Elsewhere, people are simply led by the strongest.


People here are fiercely independent. They tend to be more self-sufficient, and less likely to hold onto traditional values and folkways. On the whole, they are more enterprising, but also more quarrelsome than in many lands.

Small groups of expatriates sometimes keep an island of their culture alive amidst a sea of foreignness. Other times, disparate cultures meld together. Quite a few exotic or independent temples and religions compete with the Aldric Church for influence.

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