singular: dwarf / adjective: dwarven


Dwarves are short and stocky humanoids with a similar variety of skin and hair tones as found in humans. They average 4’3” to 4’9” tall, and 150 to 220 lbs. Though small, they are solidly put together, and powerful for their size. Their lifespan can extend over 200 years.

Dwarves are consumate miners, and reknown as the best smiths and stonemasons in the World. Their love of metals, gems, and fine stonework is legendary. Moradin is the patron deity of dwarves, and usually has prominence in their temples.


There are several distinct dwarf cultures: highland, lowland, frost, azer, and deep dwarves.

Highland Dwarves

Highland dwarves live in fortresses and elaborate halls carved from the living rock, or in cruder stone huts high in the mountains. They are hardworking miners, smiths, and stoneworkers of great skill. Gruff and reclusive, their warriors are known for savage ferocity against their many enemies, impenetrable armor, and the war-boars they ride.

Lowland Dwarves

Lowland dwarves build stone forts in the hills, but may also be found in human cities, where they have built extensive trading companies and money lending networks. Fine craftsmen and hardy workers, they also have a reputation for greed and stinginess. An exclusive guild of tinkers uses its secrets of clockwork and steam to build wondrous contraptions.

Frost Dwarves

The frost dwarves of the far north are a wild and primitive bunch. Unfazed by even the bitterest cold, their drinking songs echo through frozen caverns and carved mead-halls of ice. Berserker warriors and their worg allies protect the dwarven clans’ silver hordes.

Fire Dwarves (Azer)

In the burning lands far to the South, and in fire giants’ volcanic workshops live the Azer – a grim breed of dwarf as hard as the metal he forges. Skin charcoaled by centuries of fire, and beards permanently ablaze, it is said the Azer drink molten lead for soup. As with many dwarves during the 3rd Age, they were the slaves of the giants, crafting weapons and tools for their conquests.

Deep Dwarves (Duergar)

Deep dwarves make their home far below the surface world. There they mine the most primal ore and work it in volcanic furnaces. They are hostile to outsiders, and few know what dark secrets they keep.

Relations with Other Races

Dwarven communities tend to have closer relations with gnomes then most other races, though they trade extensively with humans. The years of servitude and many hard-fought battles afterward left dwarves with deep hatred for giants, trolls, and their ilk. They generally distrust elves due to their flighty nature and for having abandoned the world during the 3rd age.

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