Physical Qualities

Dragonborn are humanoids with draconic heads, tails, and features. They average 6’ to 6’8” in height, and weigh 200 to 300 lbs. Scales cover a dragonborn’s body, reflecting the range found in dragons, and corresponding to their breath type. Metallic coloration is more common than chromatic scales, and many dragonborn reflect a mix of draconic strains in their heritage. They can live for a couple hundred years; longer than humans, but not nearly as long as a dragon.


Honor is very important in dragonborn society. Keeping one’s word, showing bravery, keeping traditions attaining high position, and dealing with others openly and honestly all bring honor upon a dragonborn and his family. Dragonborn will traditionally recite their lineage when making a challenge. Personal and family honor are inextricably tied. A dragonborn who brings dishonor upon his family may be disowned and banished. Those who risk disgracing themselves are expected to take their own lives rather than face dishonor.

while a desire for gold runs through their veins, dragonborn consider martial prowess, sorcery, and attaining political or religious acclaim to be more honorable than trade or labor.

Relations With Other Races

Dragonborn were created by the dragons during the Second Age. They are now found mainly in the Burning Lands to the south, and in the Dragon Empire of the East, where they have elevated status among the nobles and generals of the mostly human empire. There they also serve as priests in the official cult of the Emperor, who is revered as an avatar of Bahamut, alongside the other gods. Few are seen in the West, where they are usually feared by the common folk.

While proud of their own heritage, dragonborn hold no particular racial animosity towards other races.

Racial Feats

Draconic Resistance

prerequisite: Dragonborn
benefit: You gain resist 5 versus the same type of damage as your Dragon Breath racial power.

Dragonscale Toughness

prerequisite: Dragonborn
benefit: When not bloodied, gain a feat bonus of +1 to Armor Class due to your hard scales. Increase this bonus to +2 at 15th level, and +3 at 25th level.

Claws of the Dragon

prerequisite: Dragonborn
benefit: Your unarmed attacks deal 1d6 damage, and have a proficiency bonus of +1. Your claws are considered natural weapons with which you are proficient.

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