Beast Kin

Several races combine the features of man and animal. They are an example of how races in Arekhan follow rules of magic, not scientific biology. The “shifters” from the Player’s Handbook 2 are called Beast-kin or sometimes Ferral Folk, as the term shifter is instead applied to shapeshifters. Rather than being watered-down decendents of lycanthropes, beast-kin represent their own race, or races with human and bestial features. Most beast-kin cannot shift between forms, but quite a few learn to by becoming Druids, bear warriors, or similar classes. Some remarkable members of the tribe actually are born as – or become – lycanthropes.

Longtooth beast-kin usually have lupine features, while Razerclaw beast-kin tend to have feline features. Both look like humans with a light coat of fur, elongated snouts, pronounced fangs, and high, pointed ears. They walk on the balls of their feat, with legs shaped & proportioned somewhere between that of a human, and that of a wolf or wildcat’s hind legs. Other clans of beast-kin include gnolls, minotaurs, and satyrs. Beast-kin with features of boars, bears, rats, badgers, ferrets, and other kinds of animals can also be found.

Beast kin live in tribal societies away from settled human lands. Each clan represents a type of animal and has that animal’s spirit as its totem. Members of the clan share physical and psychological traits of that totem animal, and are found in environments where that animal may be found. Tribes of Beast-kin most often consist of one clan only, but many include several clans living together. Under the latter arrangement, specific duties are usually assigned to members of a particular clan, befitting its totem’s traditional role and temperment.

Beast-kin generally practice druidism and shamanism, with each clan favoring beast forms or spirits corresponding to it’s own totem. Actual lycanthropes are considered gifted, and held in high esteem in beast-kin society.

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Beast Kin

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