Adamant Falls

The citadel of Adamant Falls spans a waterfall overlooking the Black March, in the mountainous borderlands between the civilized kingdom of Pentir and the Shadowood. Built long ago by dwarven hands out of dark gray stone, it more recently marked the greatest extent of Pentir’s reach westward, before the war with Rendarn and the subsequent goblin uprising. It now stands as a lonely bastion against the goblin hordes of the Hand of Naarash manned by a dwindling contingent of knights and a growing handful of refugees.

A stone bridge crosses the river from the Black March to the castle gate. Six fortified levels climb the cliff face as the torrent falls freely through a central opening in each. At the lowest level are the stables and smithy. Above that are the barracks and the provisioner’s shop. Smaller levels above that house artillery engines, observation posts, and officer’s quarters. Steep stairs or a block & tackle elevator lead to the top of the falls, where a short path leads to the docks, protected in a cavern from the swift current running through the canyon.

Since the recent death of Lord Ferridac of an infected wound, Sir Sir Pikeford assumed command of the ten remaining knights, their surviving squires & sergeants, and a ragtag militia of the able-bodied refugees. He struggles to consolidate his leadership position amidst growing dissention, diminishing supplies, and the growing onslaught of cultist attacks. While he wants to concentrate defenses at the fortress, Sir Markan leads the faction wanting a more aggressive approach, taking the fight to the cult. Elder Segeway, the leading civilian, argues for evacuation to Grayhollow.

Other notable inhabitants include Braun the smith, Helga the dwarven proprietor of the provisioner’s shop, and Artemis, an aged alchemist who supplies the defenders with fire arrows, healing salves, and the like. Bartelby the Bard arrived just a few weeks ago, and has helped keep spirits high with his songs & stories. Glasur the dwarf runs the last moon-boat up the river, and is due back in a few days with fresh supplies. With the Black March running through heavily patrolled goblin country, the river seems the safest and quickest way to the Pillars of Night temple.

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Adamant Falls

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