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  • Dragon Empire

    The Dragon Empire

    When the great human empire began to decline due to overreach and internal power struggles, it was divided into separate Eastern, Western, and Southern empires, symbolized by a dragon, lion, and goat, respectively (from …

  • Pentir

    The Kingdom of Pentir

    The royal crest is a stag (hart) head on a dark blue and gold checkered background


    Lying at the northwest end of [[Azural Bay]], the kingdom's fertile valleys and rolling hills are nestled …

  • Mytros

    The Kingdom of Mytros


    Mytros occupies the rocky north coast of the Inner sea. The Crystalspires and [[Iron Mountains]] form it's northern border, with the Flint Road providing the only passable route from [[Hest]] to …

  • Nations

    Nations of Arekhan

    * [[ARBOREA]] - elven/eladrin kingdom, giant tree city & crystal palace, coexists in feywild * [[AVALON]] - flower of western civilization, center of learning & culture, growing decadent * [[BARBARIA]] - tribal northern …

  • Freelands


    The Freelands are a strip of land on the western shore of Azural bay. The land is bounded by [[Pentir]] on the north and [[Mytros]] on the south, with the [[Iron Mountains]] rising up to the west. It has 2 principal cities, [[ …

  • Empire

    The Aldric Empire

    When [[humans]] banded together (with help from other races) to overthrow the [[giants]], they formed a great empire that would eventually encompass most of the continent. The Aldric Empire unified human [[language]], …

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