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  • Magic Items

    No shops regularly trade in magic arms or artifacts, as they're too rare & precious to sell. Larger towns and cities may have shops that sell spell reagents, implements, alchemical supplies, potions, charms, and the like, but you won't find a +3 …

  • House Rules

    A collection of the house rules pertaining to this campaign.

    *Bonus XP*

    Players can earn additional experience by contributing more to the campaign story and background. |100 xp| Post your character on the Arekhan Obsidian Portal site| …

  • Mounts

    a Mount or pet gains xp at half the rate its master does. When it reaches a new level, it's AC, defenses, and attack bonus improve by one, and it gains hit points according to its monster role and the table on pg. 184 of the DMG. For every 2 levels …

  • Recharging

    Whenever you reach a milestone (2 encounters in a row, without an extended rest), you can recharge one daily power, in addition to the normal gain of an action point.

    *See Also*: [[House Rules]], [[Travel|Travel & Rest]] *Added*: 2009.07.25

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