Borderlands Campaign, Part V
Adamant Falls

Borderlands Campaign, Part V: Adamant Falls

Our heroes, having arrived at the besieged fort of Adamant Falls, took time to restock supplies and look around while they waited for the riverboat. At the barracks common room, Lorun met a fellow bard, Bartelby, who won Lorun’s magic cloak in a spirited (yet rather lopsided) musical contest. Suspicions rose, however, as Lucien spied the bard making a secretive late night rendezvous with someone unknown. The next day, the team engaged him in conversation, goading him to let slip his affiliation with the Hand of Naarash. In the raucous brawl that ensued, our heroes dodged flying daggers, parried axes, and withstood harmonic chords to shake the soul from Bartleby & his thugs; while they hacked, pounded, and grasped their tricky enemies with sword, Morningstar, and conjured claws of ice. Sir Pikeford and company were alerted to the spy, who took his own life by removing his Naarash talisman. Lorun recovered his cloak, and picked up the bard’s fine golden harp to replace his own homemade 2-string mandolin.

Lucien’s and Alethea’s research into old journals and tomes revealed that the talismans worn by cultists they’d encountered likely contained chips of a massive infernal stone called the Eye of Naarash. It forms a mystical bond between the cultist and the stone, fortifying his fanaticism and feeding off his evil deeds, possibly alerting the temple of the cultists’ actions & condition as well.

When the riverboat arrived, Kaegon decided to stay and defend the fortress, where his military skills would be most needed. Alethea, Lorun, and Darious, now joined by the priest, Lucien, climbed the dozen or so flights of stairs to the upper levels of Adamant Falls, where a tunnel led to a small grotto that serves as an underground boat dock, protected from the torrential river. There they met Glasur, the dwarven helmsman, unloading what few supplies he could find for the fort. To their surprise, the riverboat, used neither sail nor oar for propulsion, relying instead on a pair of magnificent giant pike harnessed to the prow.

They made their way upriver from the falls, great fish pulling steadily through the canyon against a mighty current. There they came upon a village being put to the torch by human and goblin cultists. With volleys of arrows from either side, and a bold amphibious assault prepared by an explosion of fire summoned by the wizard, our heroes vanquished their fanatic enemies, and saved the last few villagers from a burning hovel. With little more that could be done there, and with the Pillars of Night temple just days away, our heroes embarked once again up the river, but could not shake the eerie feeling of being watched.

Borderlands Campaign, part IV
The Black March

Borderlands Campaign, Part IV: The Black March

Following the Black March up into the mountains, our intrepid adventurers intercepted a band of goblin slavers marching their captives back to the temple of Bane. After defeating the goblins with the help of the priest, Lucien of Barrowmede (played by Brian), who was among the prisoners, the party and their newly freed allies headed forth to find a fortress they heard of that still stands against the goblin onslaught.

While taking a shortcut, they came upon a pair of monstrous spiders, draining the last juices from a hapless goblin caught in their enormous web. In the battle that ensued, the spiders were smashed, burned, and hewed as they tried to envenom the bold heroes. The fighting attracted swarms of spiderlings, who devoured one of the freed villagers before being eventually immolated by burning oil and magic.

They found the citadel of Adamant Falls standing astride a roaring waterfall, across a well-defended stone bridge from the main road. Bodies of defeated cultists hung from the dwarven-crafted battlements as a warning to others, but the garrison has dwindled to just 10 knights and what levies they could arm from the peasant refugees. They were welcomed in by Sir Pikeford, who recently assumed the role of captain since Lord Ferridac died of an infected wound.

As Lorun “entertained” the folks in the common room with attempts at song, Alethea paid a visit to the alchemist. She traded her staff for some potions, alchemist fire, and a pair of enchanted goggles. Meanwhile, Brother Lucien filled in for the late chaplain of the citadel, performing rites on the remains of departed garrison members and other duties.

Borderlands Campaign, Part III
Shapeshifter Ambush

Borderlands Campaign, Part III: Shapeshifter Ambush

The shape-shifters who attacked you now lay dead amongst the grass and the rubble. Their bodies & clothing turned smooth and gray, like wet clay figurines waiting to be sculpted. They carried 500gp of coins & stolen loot, along with their short swords and 2 potions that Alethea identifies as a potion of poison resistance (lvl 4) and an elixir of reflexes (lvl 8). They also wore the same Naarash talismans you found on other dead cultists, also with the gems exhausted.

After an uneasy night’s rest, you make your way North toward Skullcraig mountain, where the Temple of the Pillars of Night should be located. The rolling hills that distinguished your journey to this point have now become foothills, and the scattered forests become denser and choked with brambles. Darious easily follows the tracks of goblins and humanoids that converge from many directions toward the Black March. True to its name, this road cuts like a black scar back & forth up the steep climb. Thick branches, their leaves yellow and red with the changing season, cast a gloom over the trail broken only briefly by the midday sun.

This desolate trail marks the only easy path into the mountains. Any other way would likely take weeks longer and be most unpleasant. Fortunately, the dense trees and thickets should provide ample hiding places, should you encounter anyone else on the road you don’t want to meet. You’ve stocked up with adequate provisions from the last village to make it through the Black March without need to forage. Crude signs in common and goblin mark the trailhead, proclaiming it the territory of the Hand of Naarash, visitors unwelcome. Symbols of Bane and numerous heads on pikes underscore the message.

Borderlands Campaign, part II
On the Trail of the Paladin

Borderlands Campaign, Part II: On the Trail of the Paladin

The 4 companions pushed through the wilderness, fighting off dangerous wolf packs and crocodiles as they went. Guided by Darious’ keen elven senses and nature-lore, they found their way to one small settlement after another, each more besieged than the last. At these tiny villages, they picked up rumors of the paladin Jaryn and his troupe to guide them further. But as they went along, the tales grew more desperate. Though the paladin started out vanquishing the cultist raiders and pursuing their hobgoblin chieftain, Larkazh, he eventually became wild and possibly mad. Meanwhile, stories of cultist raids evolved from haphazard forays to organized military operations. Increasingly burned out or destroyed villages backed up those tales.

Along the journey, our adventurers came upon a glen with signs of a month-old battle and 3 cairns marked by symbols of Pelor. Combined with the rumors they’d heard, it was evident that only Jaryn and his tiefling companion, Dajani, survived. Darious, Alethea, Lorun, and Kaegon knew they must make it to the Black March, which would lead them through the mountains to the temple of the Pillars of Night, where the cultists of Bane made their headquarters.

Following what directions they could find from woodsmen and refugees, the companions came upon the village of Erstlin, which unlike most others in the region, hadn’t been razed by goblins. Though the village headman tried to placate them and urge them away, our heroes soon discovered (after a harrowing fight) that Erstlin was used as a staging point to supply the goblin cultists, who had terrorized the villagers into cooperation.

With the information they gleaned after the fight, the adventurers were able to make their way to the hidden trail known as the Black March. But as they set up camp for the night by an old ruin, a bedraggled, unkempt man matching Jaryn’s description staggered up to them, seeking help. When they gathered around to assist him, he tried to sneak attack. 3 more identical “Jaryns” emerged from the woods to attack the group. During the melee, these strange attackers would change form, imitating different members of the party and causing great confusion. Three were defeated, but one escaped, but the whole quest had become a bit more mysterious.

Borderlands Campaign, part I
Trouble in Grayhollow

Borderlands Campaign, Part I: the Adventure Begins

It was a rainy, dreary autumn when four travelers came to Grayhollow. Content Not Found: Lorun, the mighty swordsman and aspiring minstrel; Alethea, who’s arcane studies bend the very elements to her will; the elven ranger Darius, quick & silent as a shadow; and Kaegon, the dragonborn ex-centurion from the Empire of the East. These battle-hardened veterans drove the goblin invaders from Brindol and returned their captive townsfolk. But there was scant time to celebrate their victory, as a greater goblin horde continued to press from the wild borderlands to the West. There, the King’s hand barely reaches. Knights and mercenaries skirmish with bandits, goblins, and other fell creatures, but the onslaught of evil seems to gain ground each year.

Grayhollow lay on the fringes of Pentir, far from important trade roads and near the foothills of the Iron Mountains and the Skullcraig. It is a small town, protected by a stone keep on the hillside. By the time our hearty adventurers arrive, the one-room inn and even the market square are choked with refugees fleeing the destruction of their homes, and the ravages of human & goblin raiders. The Cleric Emesha and her order, the sisterhood of the Benevolent Sun, run a simple temple in Grayhollow. They strive to care for the refugees, but local supplies have become overburdened. Meanwhile, Lord Galan fortifies his keep and hoards provisions, hunkering down while his subjects suffer. The town’s former champion, a holy Paladin, was previously able to stem the tide of evil from Grayhollow and the surrounding villages, but he has been missing for months.

It was in there our heroes interrupted a gang of bandits harrowing the refugees. With skill and bravery, they dispatched the ruffians – who fought with fanatic determination, and included a magic wielder among their number. A closer examination of their bodies revealed that they all bore the symbol of Bane, malevolent god of conquest, on tunics or armor beneath their travel-stained cloaks.

Emesha confided that the bandits must belong to the “Hand of Naarash”, a cult of goblins and humans that prey on isolated frontier settlements for converts and plunder, killing or destroying what they cannot take. The paladin JarynJaryn set out on a quest last spring to strike a mortal blow at the heart of the cult and stop their marauding. With four faithful companions, the clerics Andressa & Annika, the fighter Kelma, and Dajani (a tiefling sworn to Pelor’s cause), he headed West to find the cult’s grand temple, “the Pillars of Night”. Rumors placed Jaryn and his band deep in the Borderlands, near a hidden trail called the “Black March”, but none of that expedition has been heard from in over a month. Emesha begged Darius, Alethea, Lorun, and Kaegon to mount a search for Jaryn, and help bring an end to the cult’s power.

The companions agreed to undertake this quest. So the next day, she provisioned them as best she could, (even providing them the holy symbol from the temple’s altar as payment) and provided a description of Jaryn: a tall blond human, handsome, but bearing a noticeable scar on his left cheek from fighting a hobgoblin chief. She directs them Westward, to the frontier settlement of Stone Ford, where Jaryn’s party traveled through.

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