Lucien of Barrowmede

A young and studious cleric who has found himself in an unexpected adventure.


Lucien is a six-foot tall human with pale skin and light brown hair. His looks are slightly above average, but he doesn’t stand up straight, he talks very quietly, he needs to get more sun and exercise and his hair style and clothing need some attention. He suffers from a lack of confidence, especially around girls.

Lucien wears chainmail, and carries a morningstar and a sling. A holy symbol of Pelor hangs from his neck.


Lucien of Barrowmede is the third son of a minor noble. Bookish and shy, he learned the minumums of handling weapons, but spent most of his free time reading. Disgusted, his father sent him to live with the priests of Pelor. Lucien adapted readily to his new life, gaining a reputation for knowledge and wisdom despite his youth. Unfortunately, his shyness makes him a poor candidate for the more public duties of a priest – he tends to mutter, stray from the subject and forget about his audience. He can perform memorized rituals and services adequately, but is more at ease discussing theological matters. The most common reaction to Lucien’s religious services is “It was okay, but he kinda lost me during the sermon.”

When the word came that a respected scholar in a small village was in danger from marauding bands of goblins, Lucien was selected to travel to the village and escort him to safety. Unfortunately, the very night of his arrival coincided with a goblin attack. Lucien attempted to defend the sage but was overcome and taken prisoner, along with several of the villagers. Bitter and ashamed at the failure of his mission, he has vowed to demonstrate the power of his faith and his courage whenever possible.

Lucien’s lifestyle has undergone a radical change lately. Accompanying the adventurers who rescued him from the goblins, he journeyed to the home of an evil cult. After infiltrating the village and storming into the temple, they confronted a number of evil cultists, and finally defeated the warrior who had betrayed himself to the darkness. Wounded and weary, they were immediately faced by a demon who demanded their servitude. Lucien’s skill in combat proved of little worth, and he was mortally wounded, saved only at the last minute by a healing potion poured down his throat. Barely concious, his divine spells against the demon were only moderately effective, and the party was nearly slain before they conquered the demon.

Lucien performed what healing he could for his comrades, and then spent the night in prayer. Why had his powers been so ineffective? Was it a lack of faith, or courage, or strength? He vowed once again to dedicate himself to the struggle against evil, and felt a renewed rush of divine power as the new day dawned.

Lucien of Barrowmede

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