Paladin & champion of Greyhollow, went to vanquish Hand of Naraash cult


Tall, blonde, & handsome. Radiates natural charisma. Wears plate armor with sign of Pelor. Scar on left cheek from fight with hobgoblin war chief.

This paladin defended the town of Grayhollow from the marauding bandits and monsters of the Borderlands. With the rise of the Hand of Naarash (a goblin cult of Bane), he took four faithful companions: the clerics Andressa & Annika, the fighter Kelma, and Dajani (a tiefling sworn to Pelor’s cause), and headed West to find the cult’s grand temple. Rumors throughout the Borderlands say he’s gone wild, possibly mad; tossing away his armor, letting his hair grow long and unkempt, and wearing necklaces of goblin teeth as trophies. All his companions except Dajani have perished on this quest, and the survivors took the Black March toward the Pillars of Night.

The PCs are on a mission to find him and complete his quest.


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