Borderlands Campaign, Part IX

The Mad Witch of the Bog

Borderlands Campaign, Part IX: The Mad Witch of the Bog

Back in Grayhollow, things are still not as well as they could be. Although your vanquishing of the demon Naarash and ridding the countryside of ravenous bugs has made it safe for peasants to return to their lands, Lord Garen has done little to help his people. You arranged for an audience with the lord, but it was mostly fruitless beyond an exchange of pleasantries. By asking around town, however, you were able to piece together a tale that Garen had made a pact with the mad witch of the bog in exchange for a son. When his son was born, but his wife died in childbirth, he reneged on his payment, and the witch cursed him.

To clear up this mess, you journeyed into the damp, dark bog and confronted the mad witch Helda who lived there, in the hollow bole of a tree. She offered to remove the curse if you brought her the lord’s son. When you refused, her giant frogs attacked you. You fought desperately through the muck, insects, and slime while she called down lightning upon you, and summoned forth a monster made of vines in the shape of a huge man from the swamp. After you defeated the monster and drove her away, you ransacked her home for spells and components, then burnt it to cinders.

She caught up with you again as you wandered through the bog, trying to find your way out. this time you killed her, and she cursed you with her dying breath. You let her body sink beneath the brackish water, and eventually made it out of the swamp. When you presented Lord Garen with evidence of your deed, he rewarded you (Alethea, Lorun, Lucien) with knighthoods.



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