Borderlands Campaign, Part VII

Temple Aftermath

Borderlands Campaign, Part VII: Temple Aftermath

You are all completely exhausted after your epic battle with the paladin and the demon lord. With help from the fountain’s rejuvenating waters, Lucien’s medical attention, and several hours of rest, you feel ready to face the world again. After resting, you gather up what treasures you can carry from the temple. Besides Jaryn’s magical scale armor (immunizing drakescale +2), you find jewelry, coins, and objects d’art worth a total of 500 gp. In addition, you can each choose one magic item that you directly used in the final fights, and raise it by one level (in accordance with the house rule) That is in addition to any item improvements from leveling your characters.

Taking the passage you found hidden beneath the now-destroyed crystal, you make your way along a dark, twisting tunnel that emerges on the back side of the temple mound after you push aside a large facing-stone. After your eyes adjust to the dazzling sunlight, you see a panorama of utter chaos.

Bodies of cultists and goblins lay strewn about the ground. Others sit wailing in despair or wander around in confusion. The once-orderly encampment is now looted & ravaged, and a broken trail of groups of men, women, & children make their way down the Black March, carrying whatever they can manage. Walking through the giants’ ruins and overturned tents, you piece together that cultists wearing a talisman when you destroyed the Eye of Naarash died on the spot. With the demon’s influence removed, fights broke out between captured cultists and goblin overlords, and amongst themselves.

You have completed your quest to find the paladin (though not in the manner you had hoped) and put an end to the cult’s raiding. Now what will you do? Do you return to Grayhollow and break the news to Sister Emesha? Do you help the former cultists return to their villages to build their lives again? Do you go back to the fortress at Adamant Falls to help Kaegon & Sir Pikeford push back the frontier? Do you take your loot and head off for some other adventure? Where shall you go?

What are your ultimate plans? Do you seek great power? Exciting adventures worthy of songs? To uncover the mysteries of a forgotten world? To right some wrong? How do you plan to make these dreams come true?



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