Borderlands Campaign, part IV

The Black March

Borderlands Campaign, Part IV: The Black March

Following the Black March up into the mountains, our intrepid adventurers intercepted a band of goblin slavers marching their captives back to the temple of Bane. After defeating the goblins with the help of the priest, Lucien of Barrowmede (played by Brian), who was among the prisoners, the party and their newly freed allies headed forth to find a fortress they heard of that still stands against the goblin onslaught.

While taking a shortcut, they came upon a pair of monstrous spiders, draining the last juices from a hapless goblin caught in their enormous web. In the battle that ensued, the spiders were smashed, burned, and hewed as they tried to envenom the bold heroes. The fighting attracted swarms of spiderlings, who devoured one of the freed villagers before being eventually immolated by burning oil and magic.

They found the citadel of Adamant Falls standing astride a roaring waterfall, across a well-defended stone bridge from the main road. Bodies of defeated cultists hung from the dwarven-crafted battlements as a warning to others, but the garrison has dwindled to just 10 knights and what levies they could arm from the peasant refugees. They were welcomed in by Sir Pikeford, who recently assumed the role of captain since Lord Ferridac died of an infected wound.

As Lorun “entertained” the folks in the common room with attempts at song, Alethea paid a visit to the alchemist. She traded her staff for some potions, alchemist fire, and a pair of enchanted goggles. Meanwhile, Brother Lucien filled in for the late chaplain of the citadel, performing rites on the remains of departed garrison members and other duties.



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