Borderlands Campaign part X

The Dwarves' Back Door

Borderlands Campaign, Part X: The Dwarves’ Back Door

A party of dwarves came to Grayhollow looking for the heroes who vanquished the goblin cult. Hrothgar Standingstone, their chieftain; Lister Redbeard, their mage/priest; and Grog (played by Darrell), their fiercest warrior. They asked if you would help take back their home, Marblehearth, from the trolls who captured it. After some travel (and once being attacked in the night by mountain lions), you came to a cliff that you needed to scale to reach the hidden entrance. Despite being shot at by goblins, and harrassed by a giant bird who tried to throw you from the precipice, you made it to the entrance.

Inside the winding cave tunnels wait many traps and monsters. Grog fell down a trap door to caves far below, leaving the others to try meet up with him through the winding tunnels. Other traps had been triggered by previous intruders, and the dwarves’ knowledge of these defenses helped you bypass them without further danger.



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